Sasitharan Law Professional Corporation is well equipped to meet the demands of the fast evolving legal system.We believe that every client is important and that his/her requirements are unique.Our law firm is dedicated to providing the highest quality legal services to individuals, families and businesses. While offering a timely and professional service, we are fully aware that today’s clients are looking for something more from lawyers.

We endeavor to delight our clients with solutions that put them at an advantage; both legally, as well as commercially. By actively listening to our clients, we learn about their hopes, goals and concerns and work closely with them to develop appropriate solutions for their needs.

We also believe that ethical and professional conduct is not a mere slogan but must be lived up to in full measure. It is the core of our legal practice. Our strong knowledge in Sri Lankan Law and the strong connections we have with Sri Lankan Lawyers will enable us to provide seamless legal services to our clients.

Yaso Sinnadurai,Barrister & Solicitor,served as 'Of Counsel' to Sasitharan Law Professional Corporation in 2019.